How to fix the Facebook down issue right now? #facebookdown

How to fix the Facebook down issue right now? #facebookdown

Many users are reporting about the facebook down issue. The reports are coming from all around the world. 
And also few users posting that facebook is working good on their end.

So there is a small fix that can help you use the facebook normally.

(You can read other users' complaints around the web on this issue here : https://www.downstatus.com/facebook-down)

Why is Facebook Down?

Facebook seems to have an issue with browser's service workers. (Little technical though)

You don't need to worry about it much & please carry on with the troubleshooting steps given below to fix the issue.

How to fix facebook down issue?

Normal refresh helps a lot of people to fix it. You can give a try and see whether that helps you.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Visit Facebook.com onm your browser.
  2. Press (Ctrl + F5 OR Shift + F5 on Windows, CMD + F5 on Mac). (Update: Also check on Incognito Mode to find whether facebook is working)
  3. Facebook should work now. cool

(If you can't see facebook.com loading as usual, you need to wait till facebook fixes it)

Hope this helps.

Please share with friends and it may help some of them.