DownStatus is a website that lets users collectively come together and report potential issues with their Services Providers. The way we gather information from users is not warranted but it lets our community log live potential outages or problems with fellow internet users. This helps users around the world to identify any potential faults within their city or suburb.

What's the use? 

Let's say you identify 100 people in your area having some issue with internet drop outs/website connection issue, it might save you hours on the phone waiting for your service provider to answer, or yet they may not have found any problems so far, so think of it as a proactive tool for you. You can then with the information provided have a better understanding if your problem is related to a mass service disruption or just some problem you are having only.

On each service provider page, we've included as much helpful information, such as their contact number, e-mail or direct link to their Contact Us page along with being able to tweet and FB post directly to their social media page should you have any issues.

Feel free to reach out to our team on [email protected] for any questions regarding this service.