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[25000+ reports] Youtube, Gmail, Google, Google Analytics etc seems down across the world.

Google and its all services are down for users across the world.  We are getting more than 5000 complaints about the issue in the recent 60 minutes. The reports are increasing faster.

Time Warner's Spectrum Outage issue affects thousands of users across USA

On this thanksgiving day, Time Warner's Spectrum cable, internet and other servcies are down for many users. 500+ reports recorded in the past few hours alone.

How to fix AT&T call issue? Try this easy method that works for many customers.

AT&T customers around USA are having troubles in making calls and accessing data on their mobile phones. The company suggested a quick way to fix the issue and get the service back again. The solution to fix the issue: 

How to flush DNS cache (ipconfig) in windows?

You may need to manually flush the dns information and fetch new data sometimes. This will help the website/web service load from the new dns, next time you try to access it.

How to clear your browser cache? (Hard Refresh)

Though browser cache is good most of the times, it may also create some issues when the web developers update their website/application with new code or images. At the time of code update, your browsers may have old code cached. It will supply old code/images from local data storage, instead of new updated code from server.

is Bitpetite (bitpetite.com) down right now? is it another digital scam?

Update [25/10/2017]: Bitpetite users reporting that they're not able to login to their account. Many Bitpetite users are facing issues with the login system. It seems that the login mechanism isn't functioning properly in the site. You can read more about other users' experience here.

Skype is down around the world - People struggle to video call/share screens.

Skype is down right now and many people across the world afftected by this down time. 3500+ reports are recorded by DownStatus so far.

Google Analytics is down for users around the world.

Google Analytics seems down for many users around the world, first time in many years. The real-time analytics service is not working since the recent hour and many users reporting in twitter etc.